MW Electrical Services

Reflecting on our past 25 years as electricians

MW Electrical Services was established 25 years ago in the City of York and started out as a small company, now growing to include a team of electricians who work across the UK in domestic, commercial and landlord electrical installation. We thought that it would a good time to reflect on some of the changes we have seen over the past twenty-three years in electrical installation. 

Back in 1997 when we started out, some four-fifths of the UK’s electricity came from fossil fuels. This has changed since the 2008 Climate Change Act. Coal-fired power has virtually disappeared and even gas use is down by a quarter. Instead, the country now gets more than half of its electricity from low-carbon sources, such as solar, wind and nuclear. Renewable sources of electricity include solar power panels and wind turbines, and a good knowledge of this technology is essential in today’s climate. We have to consider the climate when advising on new electrical installations and always look for technology that reduces your carbon footprint as well as being economically efficient.

LEDs may seem like new technology, but they have actually been around for more than 100 years. However, the first commercial LEDS for domestic use weren’t introduced to the UK until 2002 and this technology has transformed lighting installation with a plethora of options including colour changing options. We are well placed to advise you on the best lighting for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor lighting or any area of your property and have ,lighting catalogues to help you choose the look you want. 

Another major change we have seen in the past decade, is the rising use of SMART technology with more sophisticated installations to keep your home secure and automate your electrical systems as far as possible. MW Electrical Services are certainly able to advise on SMART technology and help you to source the most efficient and effective alarms, fire detection and security features for your home or business.

Electricity is certainly safer than it used to be with greater consumer awareness around the importance of having effective fire detection systems and using approved contractors who can ensure that their property is safe. Regulations have helped in this respect and MW Electrical always comply with the latest Part P and building regulations to ensure that you and your property are safe. 

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is how important customers are to our business and we pride ourselves now, as we did when we first started, on the superior service we offer to our customers. Thank you to our customers that have used our services over the past two decades. We look forward to going from strength to strength and continuing to service the people of York and the UK for many decades to come.