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Why use a hardwired smoke alarm

There are two main types of smoke alarm: battery operated and hard wired. here we look at the differences and make our recommendations.

Battery operated smoke alarms do have advantages. They are quick and easy to install and easily replaced if they go wrong. You just unscrew them and place another one up. Certainly a battery powered smoke alarm is better than no smoke alarm at all and we would always advise homeowners to have smoke alarms installed in their property.

However, there are distinct advantages to having hard wired smoke detectors. Hard wired means that your smoke alarms run off of mains power rather than solely relying on a battery. Most hard wired systems will have a battery backup so if there is a power cut of your electricity supply is interrupted they will still work. 

Hard wired system are generally more robust and reliable than battery powered smoke alarms. As a battery weaken the alarm dulls as well and how long a battery lasts depends upon the type of battery and how long it was in place before you took over the property.

With a hard wired system you won’t have to deal with annoying chirping when the battery is low and you don’t have to worry about the battery running out, although the backup battery should be checked regularly.

Furthermore, hard wired fire alarms can be interconnected which is especially important if you live in a large property, because if one goes off they all go off, potentially saving you precious seconds and your life in the event of a fire.

So which is the best choice? For us it is clear. Hard wired smoke alarms are the safest and most robust option for you and your home. So for peace of mind, contact us to book your installation today.